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Thursday, September 22, 2011

NBA 2K Sega Dreamcast cheats

2D players
Enter SQUISHY at the Code screen.

Beach ball
Enter BEACHBOYS at the Code screen.

Big feet
Enter BIGFOOT at the Code screen.

Big heads
Enter FATHEAD at the Code screen.

Coach in pain
Enter COACHCOUCH at the Code screen.

Fat players
Enter DOUGHBOY at the Code screen.

Hidden message
Enter HIMOM at the Code screen to display the message: 'Hi mom! Love, your Child.' at the code confirmation screen.

Large players
Enter MONSTER at the Code screen.

Screen Saver
Go to a screen other than the main menu (options, or customize) and don't push any buttons then the screen will turn many different colors.

Small players
Enter LITTLEGUY at the Code screen.

Superstar teams
Go to the codes screen through the options and type DEVDUDES in all capitals to unlock hidden superstar teams. If you play as one of the development teams, and there the home team, you'll play at a playground.

Cool Codes
To access these codes go to options and into the code screen and type in (in all capitals):
DEDMAN: Unlocks slo-mo mode in game speed, in the game options.
SCRAWL: Funky Text Style
SQUEEKY: Commentators breathing helium
LARD: Fat players

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