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Thursday, September 29, 2011

NFL 2K1 Sega Dreamcast cheats

Auto-offense play selection
At the play selection screen when on offense, press A(2) to have the CPU pick the most effective play.

Auto-defense play selection
At the play selection screen when on defense, press A(2) to have the CPU pick the best play to stop your opponent. However, do not press A(2) on 4th down, because the CPU will not select a punt return, or field goal defensive play.

Get Barry
At main screen go to customize, click team then go to free agents. Choose your favorite team. Go over to RB. At the top of the list will be Barry Sanders!

100 Rated Running Back Creation
To create a Running Back with a rating of 100, choose the "Speed Back" type and set creation points accordingly.
Speed - 100
Agility - 100
Break Tackle - 100
Power Moves - 100
Finesse Moves - 100
Catch - 82
Run Block - 40
Pass Block - 45

Created Players in Franchise Mode
At main menu select - Fantasy Tournament - Select 4 teams mode.
Allow the CPU to complete a draft for the 4 teams.
Exit Fantasy Mode
Start Franchise Mode
After selecting team, go to Management and then to Signings. You should now be able to find your "created players" in Free Agency. So far I have only been able to use my created players in Franchise mode for 1 season.

Computer kicks
Whenever setting up for a kickoff, field goal, or punt, push the B button to change players. This will leave the computer to control the kicker, leaving you with an almost perfect kick everytime.

Better Created Players For RB, FB, TE, & WR
When ever you are creating a player do not worry so much about the pass or run block, drop the run and pass block down to zero, and fill up the rest of the stats you want, then if you still have points left fill the run or pass block up as you want. (P.S - even if your run and pass block is at zero it will still be 100 %) Unless you are making a FB you might want to put the run block better then the pass. And if you are making a tight end you might want to keep the pass block better then run. (P.S - It is impossible to create a perfect TE , but if you use this method of playing he will have pretty nice stats.)

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