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Friday, October 14, 2011

Power Stone Sega Dreamcast cheats

Extra Options
Successfully complete arcade mode as any character under any difficulty setting. An "Extra Options" selection will be available.

Play as Boss characters
Successfully complete the game with all of the characters to unlock Kraken. Successfully complete the game as Kraken to unlock Valgas. Note: To play as Final Valgas, successfully complete the game as Valgas without using continues under any difficulty setting. Enter the page 12 of the Power Stone Collection to see Final Valgas. Note: Final Valgas may only be selected in versus mode, by only one player per match.

Virtua battle mode
Unlock Valgas as a playable character. Virtua battle mode will be available on page 5 in the Power Stone Collection. This mode allows the camera to stay behind your character during a match.

Dual Virtua battle mode
Successfully complete the game as Valgas to unlock this mode on page 6 in the Power Stone Collection. This mode allows a versus mode game to be played with the Virtua battle mode camera angle on each part of the split screen.

Alternate costumes
Press B at the character selection screen.

Bonus items
Successfully complete the game using four characters to unlock a shield, heavy chain gun, ray gun, and extending pole.

Scrap book
Accumulate $1000 or more in the VMS mini-games to unlock a scrap book option on page 13 of the Power Stone Collection.

Sound test
Accumulate $2000 or more in the VMS mini-games to unlock a sound test option on page 25 of the Power Stone Collection.

View ending sequences
Successfully complete the game to access page 14 of the Power Stone Collection. This may be used to view the endings of any character or the game's credits.

Change victory view
Press the D-pad or Analog-stick to change the viewing angle at the end of a match. Press A to move the camera in.

Fight as Orange Hulk
Highlight Chun-Li at the character selection screen. Then, press Right(2), Down(2), Left(2), Right(2), Down(2), Left(2), Up(4), Down(2), Right(2), Up(2), Down(4), Left, Up. Orange Hulk will appear above Ryu.

Fight as Gold War Machine
Highlight Zangief at the character selection screen. Then, press Left(2), Down(2), Right(2), Down(2), Left(2), Up(4), Right(2), Left(2), Down(4), Right(2), Up(2), Left(2), Down(2), Right(2), Up(5). Then, Gold War Machine will appear above Zangief.

Go to extra options (once you beat the game with someone) and turn transformation damage to 0%. Then just go into a match, collect three powerstones and perform the power change. You are invincible as long as you don't attack him. So just throw things at the opponent instead.

Beat Final Valgas in a Snap!
Here is an easier way to beat the Final Valgas. Just simply go under his armpit (as bad as that sounds...) and keep making small attacks. You should be able to kill him before he does you.

Super Invincibility
After unlocking all the "Extra Options" highlight "Guage Timer" and put it on Off. Then highlight "Transformation Damage" and put this on 0%. Then highlight "Transformation Attack" and put this on 200%. Now enter a fight and collect all the "Power Stones" you should now be Invincibile and have Super Strength. NOTE: This also works in Power Stone 2.

No damage
Enable "Extra Options" code. Enter the extra options screen and set "Transformation Damage" to "0%". Start another match, collect three gems, and transform. Do not use any regular attacks on your opponent after transforming. Instead, throw objects to keep from getting damage.

Play as the final form Valgas
Beat the game with no continues using Valgas and he will appear in your power stone collections page 12 (you can only use him in versus mode)

The Power Stones
When you complete the game in 1-player, you may open a page in the Power Stone book but this is how you can open all the pages!

Page 1 - nyoi boi
Complete the game with any one character.

Page 2 - machine gun
Do it twice ( different characters ) and you will get the machine gun.

Page 3 - ray gun
Complete the game 3 times with any 3 characters.

Page 4 - power shield
Complete the game 4 times with different characters.

Page 5 - virtual battle
Unlock Krakem by complete it with all the characters and then complete it with Kraken to open this page up.

Page 6 - dual battle
Do the same as Page 5.

Page 7 - Falcon Aerial Adventure
Complete the game with 5 different characters to unlock this VMU mini game.

Page 8 - Ayome's shuriken training
Complete the game with 6 different characters to unlock page 8.

Page 9 - Gunrocks Gun Slots
Very Boring! Complete the game with 7 different characters.

Page 10 - Play as Kraken
Complete the game with all the characters to get Kraken.

Page 11 - Play as Valgas
Beat the game as Kraken to unlock Valgas.

Page 12 - Play as Final Valgas
Beat the game as normal Valgas on the highest difficulty and you can play as Final Valgas. He only can be played in 2 player mode though.

Page 13 - Scrap Book
Get a score of 1000 on the VMU games and you can unlock Page 13.

Page 14 - Movie Theatre
This can be opened by just completing the game with anyone. You will see their endings on this page.

Page 15 - Get 2000 points on a VMU game and you will be able to listen to all the sounds in the game. Woopdee doo!

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