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Monday, October 24, 2011

Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Sega Dreamcast cheats

Player select
Enter championship mode, then type in "POD 5!" as the name of your gym. Make sure you have a space between the d and the 5 and have the exclamation mark at the very end of the name.
After you do this go to the Arcade mode and you will now be able to play as any character in the game.

Daimian Black's special punch
To do Daimian Black's special punch do the following: Back, Forward, Y. By now he should have done some kind of double fisted punch.

Change Costume
At the character select screen press X+Y at the same time. Your boxer should change as soon as you enter it.

Get Full Pause Screen
After pausing press X + Y

Alternate backgrounds
Skeleton crowd: Set the system date to October 31
Christmas trees: Set the system date to December 25

Hidden pictures
Put the disc in your PC CD-ROM to find images in the Extra directory.

Taunt opponent
Hold X + A or Y + B during a match.

Magic Punch for AFRO players
To activate: LEFT, LEFT + Y To use: RIGHT + Y.

Jimmy Blood Combo
When you get enough power hits to get the rumble mode, hold onto forward and repeatedly press A, B, A, B.

Lightweight boxers generally have a speed advantage. The best tactic is to stick and move. Wait for your opponent to throw a punch, close in, throw a combo, and then back off.

Heavyweight boxers usually have a power and reach advantage; try to corner lighter boxers against the ropes or in the corner and pummel them.

Timing is critical! Make your opponent miss by dodging or stepping out of range, then move in for the attack.

Enter these codes when selecting a boxer at the Character selection screen in Two player arcade mode

Fight in the two-tier arena:
Hold L.

Fight in the championship arena:
Hold R.

Fight in the gym:
Hold L + R.

Fight in the outdoor ring:
Hold X + L + R.

Champ class boxers:
POD 5!

Gold class boxers:

Silver class boxers:

Bronze class boxers:

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