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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Record Of Lodoss War Sega Dreamcast cheats

Extra storage
Use the chest in the Blacksmith's shop to store extra inventory items.

New items from chests
Save the game before opening a chest. If you do not get a valuable item, reset the game, reload the save and open the chest again. Most chests will give items at random.

Glitch: Duplicate Magic Crystals
You first need to speak to the guy who gives you the crystal (outside the Goblin Fortress). He looks like he is digging on the outside of a mountain. Be sure the crystal is on the ground first.

Don't pick up the crystal, and instead talk to the goblin who rallies the troops. Tell the goblins to search for treasure. Most of the time, one of them will grab the magic crystal for you. As long as the digging team fetches the crystal for you, it will remain available (if a bit chancy) for you to gain.

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