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Monday, October 31, 2011

Rippin' Riders Sega Dreamcast cheats

Alternate clothing
Successfully complete the game with any character to unlock an additional set of clothing for that character.

Cool Boarders 2 practice track
Successfully complete all five standard tracks (Mountain Review, Emerald Forest, Urban Striker, Cave Slider, and Dancing Devils).

Secret Force track
Successfully complete all five standard tracks with the high score.

Longer super pipe
Break various records in the super pipe.

Play as Snowman
Successfully complete the Cool Boarders 2 practice track with the high score.

Play as Gray
Successfully complete the Secret Force track.

Hidden snowboards
Get the top score for each track to unlock new snowboards. There are a total of eightee snowboards in the game.

All tracks
Select two player mode and begin a game. Quit the game, select free ride mode, complete the first course, then quit the game. Return to two player mode and begin a game. The "Next Course" option will be available after each race, including access to the special track after the credit track.

Clean Pause Screen
Pause and then press X and Y.

Practice Course
Beat all 5 standard tracks to get this course.

Secret Force Track
Break the record on all 5 standard tracks.

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