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Friday, December 30, 2011

Trickstyle Sega Dreamcast cheats

Fast Start
During the starting countdown and when the numbers appear, tap R three times. Then, when the word Go appears, hold R.

Unlock everything
Enter CITYBEACONS as a code.

Always win
Enter TEAROUND as a code.

Infinite time
Enter IWISH as a code.

Power-up moves
Enter TRAVOLTA as a code.

Big head mode
Enter INFLATEDEGO as a code.

Unlock Combat board
Beat the boss on the U.K. track.

Unlock Speed board
Beat the boss on the U.S. track.

Unlock Trick board
Beat the boss on the Japan track.

Access Japan early
Enter the U.K. area that features a hill right before a wall that locks you from the area where Japan is located. In order to do this trick, you must hit the hill fast, jump from it, then do a spin. If done correctly you will end up jumping over the wall and into the Japan area. Note: If Japan has not been unlocked normally, you will be stuck in this area because none of the doors have opened.

Return to UK
The following trick can be used to return to the U.K. area from the Japan area when the all the doors are locked (such as when the "Access Japan early" trick is used). Get a good start and get some speed. Board down to the ramp used on the time you jumped over and did a spin. If you get high enough, you can go over the fence back to the U.K. area.

Break the glass at UK Races 1 and 2
You will see a big clock In UK races 1 and 2. Towards the end of the course in race 1, go up the ramp and use a boogie drill or hammer drill to break the glass and save some time. At the start of race 2, go on the right side and get the speed boost. Break the glass by using boogie drill or hammer drill to cut off a sharp turn.

Defeating the UK StuntBowl Boss
Just stay there when the starting countdown ends, then jump and do a 360 in the air. Repeat that. Make sure you do the move while in the air. You will receive 500 points each time. Repeat this until reaching 1500 points. You can also take your time to finish with about 30 seconds.

Special tricks
A globe that resembles a mini-sun is hidden in each level. Find one of the globes, and it will hover next to your board for a short time. Before it disappears hold the L and press B to execute your rider's signature trick. Some signatures must be done in air.

Location of globe in Japan 1
There is a globe fairly close to the beginning of the Japan 1 level. Once you go through the figure eight track in the beginning, there is a section that goes up a wall and down the other side. If you keep to the right and do not go up the wall, you can see a loop-the-loop. Go straight and do not try and turn while in the loop to avoid falling. The globe is right at the top. Be careful, as other trickers can take your globe by touching you.

Score high points
To score very high points, you firstly have to be high in the air. Then do a gyro trick (you have to score an 800 gyro) and then do a backflip, a doubleflip and a tripleflip. Or you could keep doing a handspin or a handflip to get a multiple of 3000 points each time.

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