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Friday, January 13, 2012

Visual Memory Unit (VMU) Sega Dreamcast cheats

Change The Time Mode Animation Pictures
Immediately following the Font Change screen, you will enter a screen asking you to please select an animation for the little pictures that pop up at the bottom of the Time Mode screen. You can change the animation by pressing Up or Down. The choices are as follows - assuming Down is pressed:
neko: cat's paws animation (default)
herikoputaa: helicopter animation
sakana: fish animation
Select the one you wish to use and press A.

Change The VMS Screen Fonts
Immediately following the Quick Time Change Method, you will enter a screen displaying examples of numbers at the bottom. To change the fonts press Up or Down to cycle through 3 different styles: regular fonts, sharp fonts, or bold fonts. Press A to save your selection.

Quick Time Change Method
To quickly change the VMS time, enter Time Mode then hold Left and press A. You should get a screen asking you if you wish to alter the time. Answer 'hai'(right)for yes or 'iie' (left) for no. If you selected yes, you should enter a menu similar to when the VMS was frist activated. From here you can change the year, month, day, and time. At the end, answer 'hai' (right) if you wish to save the changes or 'iie' (left) if you wish to go back and alter the time some more.

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