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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WWF Royal Rumble Sega Dreamcast cheats

Wrestle as Shane McMahon
Win the Royal Rumble on any difficulty setting.

Wrestle as Vince McMahon
Win all ten matches in exhibition mode on any difficulty setting.

Infinite double team moves
Knock out the ref by hitting him with a weapon twice. If done correctly, a message stating "The Referee Is Knocked Out" will appear. "Double Team" will now light up in different colors. You can now perform double teams moves as many times as desired.

Avoid attacks
Hold Block and repeatedly press the D-pad in all directions. Your wrestler will dodge every time your opponent punches or grapples, and an opening will eventually appear.

Knock The Referee Out
Use a weapon and hit him twice. If you can pull this off you will get a message stating "The Referee Is Knocked Out". You then have 10-15 seconds to beat the daylights out of your opponent without hassle from the referee.

Ladder matches
Complete the royal rumble on difficulty 5 without continuing.

Secret Character
Complete the game in exhibition mode with all the player to get the Dudley Boyz.

Different Background
You can change the Background by entering the Ranking Section and viewing every section. When you return to the Main Menu you will have a different background image. Continue to do these steps and the backgrounds will change every time.

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